Australia's 15 Rural Research and Development Corporations have joined forces to drive cross-industry research, leverage private sector investment and target transformational innovation.

Agricultural Innovation Australia (AIA) is a not‑for‑profit, public company established to facilitate joint investment and collaboration in cross‑industry agricultural issues of national importance.

We identify, develop and invest in strategies that address shared challenges and opportunities to deliver transformative outcomes that drive sustainability, productivity and profitability across Australian agricultural value chains.

We attract investment from public, private, not‑for‑profit and global commercial entities to deliver agricultural innovation initiatives.

As a single point of contact for cross‑industry strategies, AIA makes it easier for investors to navigate and partner with the Australian agricultural system.

The scope of our strategies covers the agriculture, fisheries and forestry value chains, including input supply, production, processing and export.

We enable more effective collaboration and coordination of investment across agricultural industries to deliver the transformational innovation needed to achieve the target of $100 billion farm gate value by 2030*.

AIA is a key element of the Australian Government’s National Agricultural Innovation Agenda to modernise Australia’s agricultural innovation system.


*National Farmers’ Federation (2018) ‘2030 Roadmap: Australian agriculture’s plan for a $100 billion industry'


We are funded by a combination of member subscription fees and investment from public, private, not‑for‑profit and global commercial entities.

Critical to our success is the ability to adapt funding structures for implementation of strategies to suit the needs of investors.

This agile investment approach ensures our strategies are attractive to a broad range of investors and partners.